Trends in Kitchen Design That Are Totally Refreshing in 2019

For 2019, trends in kitchen design are indeed developed and quite different with the previous years, still the trends are more modern and innovative that is purposely used to elevate the whole look for your kitchen this year. The trends are quite quaint actually, for example you will find that colors like bold brass and copper will be used for many elements, not only for trims and the handles fixings, but you may find that for kitchen appliances and hoods will also use bold brass and copper.

Second, trends in kitchen design will prefer to use sconces for lighting. Kitchen design trends are indeed quite traditional with this, but its appeal is undeniable. Since many kitchens will open up some spaces to create decorative lighting which means that sconces will be right fixtures to create that decorative lightings. You can try to install decorative lighting with black, iron and aged brass finished fixtures which are so stylish for this year.

Third, trends in kitchen design will also require you apply slab backsplash because for this year, it is all about the beauty of nature. Kitchen design trends for 2014 will bring the natural elements and you can do slab backsplash. When you have greater spaces surrounding the range hoods and sinks, you can apply slab backsplash which are suitable for large spaces between those areas. For that, apply for slabs of limestone and marble which give natural nuances to the whole kitchen.

Fourth, play with the soothing color of blue is the trend for this year. Trends in kitchen design will opt for the refreshing blue color for the kitchen, so you can play with this color for the colors of cabinets, trims and others. You also can play with color of blues, like sky blue, navy blue, turquoise vibrant blue and other colors of blue that you can find. Show off your calming and refreshing blue in your kitchen is a trend for 2019; moreover its natural look will boost the natural nuances in your kitchen.

Fifth, trends in kitchen design are also fresh with built in cabinetry, but for this year the built in cabinetry represents the framework for the rest of cabinetry which means that it looks like common furniture. Still, this is not a new idea, but the application is more innovative and the varied designs will enrich your options for picking the right built in cabinetry that fits perfectly with your own kitchen.

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